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After a successful career in journalism and senior corporate management, Thomas Ricke lost everything due to manic depression, and suicide called to him daily. He could no longer function normally. Yet he never gave up. Today Mr. Ricke is retired and living a normal life in Chicago. Symptoms of his mental illness have been asleep for more than a decade. He is truly lucky to be alive.

Live and virtual events

– Mental illness awareness events
– Suicide awareness events
– Events and training for mental health professionals
– Radio and podcast interviews
– Human interest stories
– Events for family members of people with mental illness or suicidal thoughts

Speaking topics

– Paths to a Better Life for People with Mental Illness
– Mental Illness: Not the End of the Story
– Mental Illness and its Fatal Symptom
– Suicide Prevention and Stories of Hope

Interview questions

– How has mental illness affected your life?
– What is the message of your book?
– What kind of professional help did you receive?
– How close did you come to dying from suicide?
– You say that mental illness doesn’t have to limit a person’s accomplishments. Why?
– You received more than 200 electric shock treatments. What impact did that have on you?
– What are some of the most common misperceptions about mental illness?
– What role can friends and family play in helping someone with mental illness get help?

Interview with Thomas Ricke